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the obama administration to find out exactly what happened before, during and after. >> graham says despite several capitol pill hearings on the attack there are still too many unanswered questions. >> it is getting harder for americans to sin up for obama care. the web site going off-line this time for an extended nans period every night as programmers try to fix the bug filled marketplace this as the president is frantically trying to shift the chaos. >> kelly wright has the latest on all of this. >> good morning kelly. >> organizers had an obama care summit. he will be attending the ef of vent and speaking. ofa is putting a positive push on the issue saying there is a way to hear about the excitement of the obama care and the importa importance of the six months period when so many will sign up. more than excitement there has been confusion. a perfect storm of troubles continue to plague obama care its web site being worked on p by some of the best minds of technology shutting down saturday night and sunday night for expended repairs that will condition. >> i think they have to first of
and insurance is being canceled because of obama care. >> the administration did formally extend an enrollment deadline by about six weeks yesterday. something we knew would happen last week. republicans are talking about another pressing issue. whether all of that information is safely concealed from prying eyes. >> thank you, doug. last knightsen tonight -- last tore rarand paul the thing abou care is the chief justices who decided the case aren't going to have to live under it. they will get special healthcare they won't have to live under obama care and i think that's wrong. >> despite is being a challenge the american people will support it. >> last week we told you the story of the obama care operator who was fired from her job after she spoke to sean hannity. not only did he give her a year's salary of 26,000 dollars he also said he would help her find a new job. you had an interview today, give us the good news? >> i got the job. i am excited. i get vacation time, bonuses. not too far for my kids as well. >> it's a better -- it's better all of the way around for you. in other words, yo
. it has more than double the size since 2008. problems with the rollout of obama care may be worse than the white house hazlet on. doug luzader is covering this story for us. what do we have? >> administration officials have steadfastly refused to send any enrollment data from the obama care web site. the new documents show that only six people fully inrolled in insurance plans on the site launched by day one. number three had gone up to 248 that's a car cry from the 7 million they need to make this sustainable according to the administration. the white house was bracing for bad news. the answer is yes that was only going to be the case. >> hundreds of thousands of americans are losing the insurance plan because of the law. it is moving to employer based plans as well. >> that is knotted to say they won't have access but it's not going to be what they want. it forces them to buy. that's not the way the system is going to work. >> at last check we found the once again. heather? is>> doug luzader in washington thank you so much. >> many air travelers have been waiting for this for a while
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3